Health Aid Lactoferrin for 30 days

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Health Aid Lactoferrin for 30 days.


Lactoferrin has a powerful antibacterial and antiviral activity against the most common infectious agents. Lactoferrin is an iron-containing protein. It is found in colostrum, milk, saliva, tears, nasal secretion glands, serum, leukocytes. This is no accident. It is virtually the only type of protein that has such a wide range of biological properties of different nature: has antimicrobial and antioxidant action; activates the synthesis of proteins and DNA to upgrade the construction of new cells; It regulates the level of iron in the blood.

Bovine lactoferrin exhibits 10 times higher antiviral activity than human lactoferrin. This is due to the fact that lactoferrin derived from bovine colostrum has a special chemical structure (glycosylated).

A partial list of the properties of lactoferrin includes:

antibacterial; anti-virus; antifungal;

antiparasitic; antikantsernye;

regulation of cell growth and differentiation;

anti-inflammatory; immunomodulatory; antioxidant;


revitalization of the genes of cells.

Mechanism of action

Lactoferrin possesses bacteriostatic and bactericidal action. The bacteriostatic effect is that lactoferrin bind iron ions. Thus, it deprives the bacteria of iron - essential for their growth and activity of the substance.

The bactericidal action of lactoferrin is based on the fact that it binds to lipopolysaccharide - basic components of bacterial walls. This starts damaging to the cell membrane of bacteria process. Bacterium uncoated not withstanding external pressure "bursts." This resembles the mechanism of action of antibiotics, antimicrobial agents, but drugs damage the bacteria and cells of the human body. Also antimicrobials cause the death of beneficial microflora, resulting in development of intestinal dysbiosis, decreased digestibility of nutrients, vitamins, trace elements; weakening of the immune defense, as in fighting microbes killed large numbers of immunocompetent cells.

Lactoferrin have no such side effects. Lactoferrin binding to viral particles, prevents them from penetrating to the cells and thereby prevents or attenuates the development of viral diseases. Lactoferrin also has an antioxidant effect. This is primarily due to the fact that it binds (inactivates) iron, which is a strong oxidizing agent.

Lactoferrin prevents peroxidation of lipids in the cell membrane. Thus it protects cell membranes from violations and processes of life, as the membrane cell receives nutrients and "keeps in touch" with other cells.

Lactoferrin is also given an important role in the development of the immune response. Thus, lactoferrin stimulates microbial cells eater (macrophages) and regulates the activity of killer cells destroy harmful bacteria and tumor cells.

Ingredients Edible oils and fats, maltodextrin, glycerol, polysaccharides, thickeners, lactoferrin, emulsifiers, silica, pH adjusting agents, potassium chloride, calcium chloride, (including soy milk).

Nutritional value (1 sachet (0.98 g)) energy 6.4kcal, protein 0.063g, 0.54 g of lipids, carbohydrates 0,33 g, sodium 0.59mg

How to use 1 sachet a day, do not chew, drink water. Packaging 30 sachets for 30 days.

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Health Aid Lactoferrin for 30 days

Health Aid Lactoferrin for 30 days

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